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Every day, we face important decisions that affect our lives. What greater decision than that of buying a home for you and your family. World Realty Net Inc. can help you do just that : make the right decision. World Realty Net Inc. will help you through all the steps involved in choosing and buying a home. With dynamic and highly trained Real Estate agents, you are sure to find the right emplacement for your new home.

Map of the Gold Coast

World Realty Net Inc. can also help you throughout the South Florida Gold Coast, South Florida's best living area, including Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade counties and the Florida Keys. Whether you are looking for condos, townhouses or homes (ranging from weekend retreats, to multi-million dollar estates), South Florida is a wonderful place to live and work, and the best vacation destination in the world.

The "Gold Coast" real estate market is booming with new construction and existing property remodeling. City Beautification projects, with modern fixture and upgraded landscape, bring to the area one of the highest growing rate in the country. From small budget to multi millions mansion, whatever lifestyle or dream, you'll be able to find it in the diversity of style and price range from which to choose from : either new or resale, manufactured home, condo, co-op, townhouse, single family home or even luxury estate.

Which type of property should I choose?

Well, it all depends on your wants and needs; your personal lifestyle and the purpose of that house is really important. But remember this is a big investment and if you are buying the wrong property at the wrong place at the wrong time, it could be a very costly adventure for you and your love one.

Single Family residence (House)

This is the most versatile form of housing, you owned the building and the land, and have a better control of the maintenance or appearance which you can personalize to your taste and lifestyle. With that freedom of choice, you also have more responsibility; maintenance of the building, gardening, landscaping, painting and all the necessary upkeeping of the property are the owner responsibility. Normally free standing and in the Gold Coast area, the majority of them are one story with no attic or basement.

Generally, this is the type of housing with the highest rate of appreciation, taking into account neighborhood and market fluctuation.


When you own a condominium unit, you own the unit as a separate property and you also own a percentage of the common element and the land (in certain case you own only the unit) in other word only your living space belong to you. The outside structure, land, pool, tennis court and others amenities belong to a separate entity (Condo Association), and you normally own a part (percent) of the common element. (Be aware, certain associations do not own all the amenities and the land; recreational lease exist in certain developments).

The Association is usually in charge of the management. including the day to day business, maintenance of the common area, pool and amenities. Each unit owner pay a monthly maintenance fee to the association for maintaining and managing the complex. The fee is different with each association, the reason for the difference can be explain by the level of services included in the maintenance. In some complex, almost all the services are provided by the association; in other almost nothing.

Cooperatives (CO-OP)

Are condo and CO-OP the same? No.

The main difference between a condo and a co-op is that you don't buy a coop unit, you buy a share of the Corporation (Cooperative), the ownership of this share give you the right to occupied a definite unit; you must also abided by the rules and by-laws of the corporation. A CO-OP unit is also more difficult to finance, therefore more difficult to sell.


Townhouses is in between the single family and condo. Usually all attached to each other in a row, they are individually owned.Two or three stories, you owned your unit and the land in front (parking) and back (small yard) of the unit.

All other information in the condo description applied to townhouses.

Manufactured Homes (Mobile Home)

On the Florida Gold Coast, you can find many mobile home communities.

When you by a mobile home, it is just like buying a car, you pay the sale tax and you receive a title from the Motor Vehicle Bureau. The difference is in which mobile home park are you buying.